Cigarette Machinery Manufacturer & Trader

A father and son owned a corporation in Dubai. We are best in Cigarette and Tobacco machines and manufactures with 35 years of experience in the Tobacco industry. Orchid Tobacco Company in Dubai, UAE provides best for its customer. We deal with different products like:

  1. Cigarette Machinery
  2. Tobacco Machinery
  3. Cigarette Making and Packing Machinery
  4. Cigarette Manufacturing Machinery
  5. Used Cigarette Machine Supplier

And many more.

Our Brands!

We deal in worlds best class brands in a cigarette with the high-class quality of tobacco. Our cigarette brands include Royal (Red and Blue), High Spirit (Red and Blue), Kings & Lords, 84 Classic, High Spirit Super Slims, and High Spirit Nano Black. We use best blend tobacco in our cigarette for their best quality. We provide best for our customers.

Our Tobacco Machinery:

Orchid Tobacco deals in specialize cigarette machinery, with whole one step forestall solution especially for brand spanking new Cigarette companies who can see and inspect machines running. We provide best machines to others for manufacturing best cigarettes as we also are a Cigarette manufacturing & tobacco company. We also offer loose Demonstration & education to technicians in our factory premises. We manufacture quality brands of cigarettes.

Supplying Variety of Machines!

We are the best supplier of the variety of machines for cigarette making, cigarette packing and tobacco machinery in Dubai. We trade in used machinery as well.

Our Manufacturing Process Include!

While our processed tobacco leaf arrives at the manufacturing area, it’s far checked for first-class and thoroughly combined with other tobacco and any substances that the logo recipe may additionally call for, which include flavorings that balance the taste.

Retaining track of the various varieties of tobacco and mix additives in use is a tremendously technical process and computer systems track production runs. Moisture content is likewise essential. Too dry and the tobacco leaf will crumble; too wet and it is able to damage at some stage in storage so we handle this with care. The blend tobacco leaves are mixed with simply the proper quantity of steam and water to make it supple and are then slice into the form utilized in cigarettes. Excess moisture is then removed so the reduce tobacco can be given a final blending and best look.

The technology has advanced dramatically through the years. Cigarette making, as soon as performed entirely by using a hand, is now nearly absolutely automated, with the blended tobacco, cigarette paper, and filters constantly insert into the cigarette-making machines. Each cigarette is routinely exceptional controlled to ensure that it meets each factor of its specification.

Packing machines placed them into the familiar logo packs, wrap the packs in protecting cover and assemble them into cartons and cases. There may be more testing at each degree to ensure the cigarettes are nicely covered before the finished cases are ready for distribution.

Our Cigarette Machinery for Sale!

We are manufacturer and trader of different cigarette making and packing machines in Dubai. Our cigarette making machines family include Molins MK-9 Cigarette Maker with Max S, MK-8 D Cigarette Maker with Max 5, and Molins MK-8 Post 64 with Max 3 Multiroll. Our Cigarette packing line includes Molins HLP 1 Packing Line (120’s Packer), Nano & Super Slims 100mm HLP 2 Packing Line (160’s Packer), Round Corner HLP 2 Packing Line (180’s Packer), HLP 2 Packing Line (180’s Packer), and many more.

We are proud to have customers all around the world. For more information or any query kindly visit us or call us at whatsapp +971 50 729 8595, +971 4 8831772.

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